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Hobey’s Hair


There’s never any shortage of cleaning, organizing, grooming, chatting, and oh yah riding to be done at the barn. I especially love to groom the boys. Now that Otto is devoted to Hilly full-time, I’m spending a lot more time fussing over Hobey who does not appreciate it. Otto will stand for hours in the cross-ties while I groom him and stuff him full of treats but Hobey is a man of action. Wave the brush over him a couple times, throw on the saddle and bridle, ride. He’s happy. When I get out the grooming products his eyes roll back in his head.

Hobey is hard to photograph. He’s a curious guy and is always slobbering on the camera, making it hard to get him into focus. For instance, I wanted to show you how cute he is wearing his hay in his hair. But it took a couple (dozen) tries.

An uncooperative subject

Watch me roll my eyes up into my head!

One of the things I like to do to poor Hobes is comb his forelock over to one side so it’s kinda nerdy. I don’t know why I do this.



Notice the worried look in his eye. I finally relented and put him back in his stall so he could stick his head in his hay bag and pretend he doesn’t know me. I turned my camera instead to the cats. Eating. Cats are weird.

Cat butt

5 thoughts on “Hobey’s Hair

  1. claudia

    Otto, so gentrified, I remember when Otto wouldn’t stand for two seconds cross tied or otherwise, his eye would go back, whites would flash and up up up our boy would go! Remember bathing that big boy in the stall? OH!
    Age and true love are a wonderful thing!

    1. Anne-Marie Post author

      Otto says you are mis-remembering that whole rearing thing he used to do! I mean, he used to NOT do! Um…yah. I had forgotten he was a holy terror in the wash stall. On wet concrete. Never mind all that! He’s the senior statesman now and does not rear up. It only took 26 years.

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