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Not finished


It seems lately that all my blog posts have been either about food or winter or trying to coax spring out of its hidey-hole. I’d like to move on! Certainly there will be good food to talk about as the weather warms, but I’d also like to talk about flower gardens

Bedding plants

And beautiful produce

St. Paul Farmer's Market

And running in shorts and tanks! Oh how glorious!

Running beauties

But I guess winter isn’t done with us yet.

Bear doesn’t seem to mind.

It seems there is a surplus of cold air in Canada so they are sharing some of it with us. I love Canada. I grew up there. There are many things I’d like Canada to share with me, namely maple syrup and the lusty way Canadians sing their national anthem. I’d rather not have their extra cold air and snow. Thanks anyway! LET’S. MOVE. ON!

Cabin-feverish tulips


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