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Ah, spring!


I’m pretty excited about spring. I was thinking that spring is almost as good as Christmas but after much fresh air today I decided that spring is better than Christmas. Way better. All the wonderfulness of spring doesn’t get jam-packed into one or two days. It evolves. It thaws. It delights every day with something new. Sometimes it even snows. I don’t love that. But mostly, I love it all, even its swampy, funky smells and so do the dogs, of course. There are so many things to sniff at, dig up and pee on! Other sure signs of spring include…

College hockey season is officially over

A beautiful tradition

The frogs in our pond are hooking up. Click on the link for a little amphibian make-out music.

Froggie sweet nothings

The snow is almost gone in our front yard

April 11, the latest we've had snow in the front yard

The daffodils are coming up


Pedro’s is coming down

Bye, Pedro

And my ride’s here.

Parked outside Lucky's 13 Bar

3 thoughts on “Ah, spring!

  1. michelle

    I agree whole heartedly!! I LOVE Spring! I wonder if people in CA or FL appreciate Spring. I think not. My garden has about forty cute little crocus’ sitting up soakin’ up the rays.

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