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Bike Love


I parked my bike in our dining room about two weeks ago and it’s been there ever since. I had it tuned up and cleaned up and it looks so beautiful I just can’t put it in the garage. There’s dirt in there. My husband is not especially thrilled about our dining room looking like a dorm room so he asked me today when I was going to move my precious bike to the garage. I said something mature like, “Why do I have to move it? Are we having someone over for dinner?”

Suzy Lightning

I coddle my bike. She demands it. She’s the European supermodel of road bikes: beautiful, lightweight, and temperamental. I call her Suzy Lightning after the song by Warren Zevon. In addition to being high-maintenance, she’s fast — much faster than I can handle. That’s why I have a variety of these:

Brain bucket

We are ready to ride! We wish to be on the road! But until the rain stops, Suzy and I are not leaving the dining room.

Our lake -- I mean driveway.

5 thoughts on “Bike Love

  1. Laura

    We’ve been using our dining room for sporting goods storage for some time now. (Are you saying the room is actually intended for entertaining?) Suzy Lightning is a beauty!

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