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The Castle of Princess Pink


Michelle, the Belle of Dubai, has a daughter. Her name is Princess Pink and like any proper royal personage, Princess Pink has a castle. She flies her royal flag when she’s at home, just like the Queen does at Buckingham Palace. That’s Jack, Prince of Dogs, on the look out for security threats like the neighbor’s cat. Actually, he’s not much of a guard dog and he’s a lousy butler but he is a faithful and loyal companion and you can never have too many of those.

The Princess is at home

The Castle has no kitchen so Princess P’s mother brings her a snack occasionally. Although it may not have a kitchen, the castle is beautifully appointed with valuable artwork.



Today we are lucky, today Princess Pink is greeting visitors!

Greeting her subjects

But I’m afraid she doesn’t have much time to chat. The princess does her own castle improvement projects and she is very busy on this lovely May day.

DIY Princess (all photos courtesy of the Belle of Dubai)

9 thoughts on “The Castle of Princess Pink

  1. BC

    Lauren, THAT IS AN AWESOME HOUSE–will you make one for us also??
    Lots of Love from Canada,
    Aunty Carol and Uncle Bill

  2. michelle

    If the princess knew she would’ve been blog material she would have worn a proper gown, tiara, and as many accessories as she could find.

  3. michelle

    The princess would also like to thank the blog master for the gift of the castle. Storing a castle and keeping it away from the “recycling man” is not any easy task!

  4. Terry & Gale Gibson

    We always enjoy news on the life and times of Princess Lauren. It is very humbling to have royalty in the family. Awesome castle Princess.

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