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Scout has two speeds:


and OFF



Yesterday, we started learning a new speed. It’s called HEEL! Michelle and I met for our Saturday run and instead of Jill as our third, I brought along Scout. I’m looking forward to having a 4-legged running buddy again for those solo weekday runs. Sgt. A-Dog trained Scout to heel on- and off-leash but Scout is

a) 11 months old

b) a Pointer

c) easily and often distracted

d) fast

e) strong

f) easily and often distracted

We’ve been practicing walking on-leash since Scout got home from camp but always in a fairly controlled environment. Yesterday was a big test. There were other dogs, cars, bicycles, scooters, people, SQUIRRELS!, and the Dalai Lama. His Holiness was at the University of St. Thomas which is why we couldn’t find a place to park near the river. We didn’t actually see the Dalai Lama but he was very nearby and so…it’s almost like we saw him.

Michelle is a talker. I am, too, but Shelle is better and can keep talking under adverse conditions. I depend on this during our runs, especially the long ones when I reach that state of mindless bliss known as “runner’s high”. Yes, it exists, and yes, it’s groovy but it makes it hard to string a complete sentence together. The most I can usually communicate to Shelle is, “Keep talking.” And she does. Usually during short runs I’m not in that wordless state so we can have actual conversations, but yesterday I had this tall skinny puppy to direct. SQUIRREL!! More than anything else, squirrels are a Very. Big. Deal. So our conversation went something like this:

Shelle: “…there’s this woman at my Y–”


Shelle: “…of course I only eat fruits and veget–”


Shelle: “…it’s that sense of accounta–”

Me: “Good boy, Scoutie, good boy! NO!! SCOUT! HEEL!!”

I must have apologized a thousand times for yelling while she was talking, tripping her as Scout tripped me, and for pausing for poop pick-up mid-stride. But Shelle just rolled with it and so did Scout. I think they bonded. I think they might even want to try this kind of craziness again. SQUIRREL!!

Looking longingly after Auntie Michelle

3 thoughts on “HEEL!!

  1. michelle

    I’m with Scout, it’s HARD to concentrate when there’s so much action going on on River Road! I’m just as distractable as Sir Scout. Only I’m not distracted by squirrels….I’m a people watcher and there are a lot of nutballs to see….and talk about.
    I did hear “HEEL!!! ” a lot!

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