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Welcome, Summer


We have a three-season porch and it is hands-down our favorite room in the house. It has screen walls on three sides otherwise we’d live in it year-round. We had it full of wicker furniture which served us well but last summer was that furniture’s final summer. You couldn’t sit on the sofa without getting a grievous butt cramp and Scout chewed an arm off a chair. That’s when we discovered it wasn’t actually wicker but some composite material that turned to mush when mixed with dog spit. So this spring, we ordered some new stuff. It arrived last week looking like this:

A somewhat daunting project

Our neighbors’ house is empty (it’s for sale. Interested? We are awesome neighbors.) and they let us store the furniture in their garage until we could get our act together. Our act got together TODAY.

The small stuff was easy

My husband put all the furniture together during two marathon sessions. The man wants to drink his morning coffee on the porch tomorrow, dammit. I cleaned the winter greeble out the porch and brought him Gatorade and kept the dogs out of his hair. That’s all I did.

The big stuff took two people: the guy with the hammer and his wife

By 4 o’clock this afternoon we had carried everything from the neighbor’s garage to our house. We were hot and sweaty and happy about it. Tomorrow morning, coffee “outdoors”! Welcome, summer!

Hardware Hank takes a nap, Scout attends

5 thoughts on “Welcome, Summer

  1. Cupcake!

    Sounds like you had a productive weekend. Isn’t it nice to have a man around the house?

    P.S. – Love the furniture.

  2. Michelle Gibson

    “Hardware Hank”, you’re amazing! If you’re free, I’ll stop by after my next trip to IKEA!
    The porch looks incredible. Did you get new rugs too?

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