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Photo Challenge, Day 28


February 28: money.

I collect wheatie pennies. This bottle used to be full but once when I was in college I had to take the bus to work and I had no money so I used 50 wheaties. It nearly broke my heart but I had to get to work, so I could earn money, which I was out of…I think you see my dilemma. Some of them have come back to me over the years, but not all. It’s such a thrill when I get one. My sister, Pupcakes, sends me one now and again.

5 thoughts on “Photo Challenge, Day 28

  1. Anne-Marie Post author

    Yes ma’am! Wheaties were made from the early 1900s until around the mid-1950s. They have two stalks of wheat on the back. Now we have the Lincoln Memorial.

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