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Photo Challenge, Day 29


February 29: something I’m listening to.

It rained and snowed overnight and little ponds formed on top of the old snow. This morning on our walk, I listened to the dogs splashing through the slush, to the tink-tink-tink sound of rain falling on the icy ponds, and to the occasional cra-a-a-acking and THUD of a snow-laden branch falling off a tree. There was a lot going on this morning!

Leap Day, our bonus day of 2012, marks the end of the February Photo Challenge. It’s been a lot of fun and has kept me motivated to take photos and be creative every day. I thank you for all your feedback. It was so fun to have people checking in every day to see the photo. On my blue days it lifted me up and on my sunny days it really got my creative juices flowing. There is a March Photo-A-Day Challenge with some great topics and I think I’m going to do it. Thank you, Shelle, for suggesting I do it, and thank you ALL for your encouragement!

4 thoughts on “Photo Challenge, Day 29

  1. jill goldstein

    What a fun morning. You had your own music to listen to this morning. Anne, I am thrilled about the March Challenge. I have a note on my calendar to think of topics for you. I guess that can now wait until April. March, here we come…..

  2. Laura

    I’m so glad you’re going to keep a goin’. Your pictures are always lovely, and it’s fun to find out your secrets. Now we know what to do with our wheatie pennies!

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