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Beach Dog


I made a new friend in Ponte Vedra Beach. His owner walked him at sunrise, letting him off-leash to run up and down the beach. He would give me a high-speed drive-by greeting before he was off to chase the surf. When his owner wanted him to come in, he would bark–like, the owner would bark to the dog. He spoke Dog! It was a little bit weird but it worked. I loved all the dogs on the beach at Ponte Vedra. The sunrises weren’t bad either.

3 thoughts on “Beach Dog

  1. Lori

    I think there are a couple of fur balls that are going to be jealous. ; ). Did you drive to Florida? The Gophers are visiting me in Tampa! You need to come cheer on your team….although I believe you are in the Jacksonville area. Drive safe….Lori

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