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After the Storm


Last night during the storm I was laying in bed reading a scary story. Scout was sound asleep next to me, oblivious to the rain, wind, thunder, lightning, scary story. He’s solid that way. I kinda dozed off for a few minutes then both Scout and I woke up to this very strange sound. It sounded like four big WHOOSHes and a couple cracks. I thought the neighbors lost a few shingles. But when we walked in the woods this morning we were greeted with this. I always hate to lose any of our big trees and I think this one might have suffered a fatal injury. This was its largest and highest branch. My husband, Paul Bunyan, cancelled his morning meetings and is back in the woods right now with his chainsaw collection, cleaning up the mess. It only takes a chainsaw and a little storm damage to make him a happy man.

Wind fall from the storm

┬áIt wasn’t all mayhem and destruction overnight. After the storm passed, a spider got busy and wove this beautiful web across one of our trails.

Spider web with dew

Spider weaving

3 thoughts on “After the Storm

  1. jill goldstein

    Anne, I am sorry you lost part of your tree. I can see, “Paul” smiling from ear to ear as he cleans up the mess. You are such an amazing writer, I loved this blog!

  2. Michelle

    I’m glad mother natures loss of the tree can make a 6 year old boy…I mean Paul Bunyan happy! He really should be a professional chainsawer!

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