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After the Storm, Part II


Another early morning storm and this one was a doozy. We lost power for 7 hours and do you know what that means? There was no coffee this morning. As soon as this poor tree was out of our driveway, I went and bought a huge Thermos of hot black coffee and I slowly became human once more.┬áNo one should ever expect me to help with storm clean up–or do anything–while uncaffeinated. That would be unwise.

tree on driveway

After sussing out the situation my husband the woodchuck called in reinforcements.

tree removal

I’m pretty sure he wants one of these trucks for Christmas.

tree removal

I overcame my wood chipper phobia and pitched in. (After I was adequately caffeinated, of course.)

loading up the wood chipper

This is the last thing a tree branch sees.

wood in the wood chipper

Nothing like this happened today.

Cover of "Fargo (Special Edition)"

Cover of Fargo (Special Edition)

4 thoughts on “After the Storm, Part II

  1. Teri

    My dad reportts the big tree that I often hit with my tee shot on 16 was a victim of the storm. That will really change that hole for me !

  2. goldy

    Not sure what is worse, the loss of another one of your trees, going without power for 7 hours or spending the morning without caffein? I say it is a 3 way tie!

    Loved the ending of your blog. Too cute.

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