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Summer Insanity


The temps are in the 90s, the humidity is stifling, the heat index is hovering near 100…and I’m knitting. That’s bordering on insane. This shawl project has been on the needles for at least a year, possibly longer, and a few days ago when the temps went up up up I became obsessed with finishing it. So I did.

Lavender shawl

This is my third shawl. I don’t really wear shawls but I’m seduced by their simple triangle shape and the lovely yarn that’s usually recommended for them, like this Madeline Tosh┬áDK, a soft, squishy, lovely smelling wool in a pale heather color that shimmers in the light. It’s just plain crazy to have a lap full of yarn on days like these. So my question is this: if you know you’re doing crazy things does that make you less crazy? Or more?

4 thoughts on “Summer Insanity

  1. goldy

    Anne, your shawl is just beautiful. I think you should wear the shawls you have made this fall/winter. They are too pretty to just make your closet look nice. Great question! For selfish reasons, I am going to go with, “less crazy.”

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