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The Cottage View Drive-In


Shelle emailed me and said let’s go to the drive-in and see a movie and I said no. It’s too bloody hot and humid, there are too many mosquitoes, and it’s way past my bedtime. She said I was a buzz-kill so I changed my answer to yes. We took her kids and we saw Brave.

Cottage View marquee

This time next year the Cottage View Drive-In will be a Wal-Mart.

empty drive-in

But last night the remaining faithful were gathered to enjoy a beautiful night. The temps dropped, a little breeze picked up and everyone settled in for the show.

We were total rookies: no pickup truck or van, no folding chairs, no bug spray or rain gear. But Shelle brought popcorn, candy, soda, a blanket and a yoga mat and pretty soon we had ourselves set up. I made myself a bowl of popcorn (she brought bowls. Pink bowls.) sat myself down in the front seat and ate my popcorn. Then I ate Shelle’s popcorn. Sam and Lauren waited patiently for the show to start.

Sam and Lauren wait for the movie to start

Last night was so much fun I didn’t even care that I was up way past my bedtime. It was worth it to see Sam and Lauren sitting on top of the car, watching a movie.


6 thoughts on “The Cottage View Drive-In

  1. Joanne Nelson

    I remember those “gold old days”. We had two drive-ins within five miles of our home. My favorite was Herbie the little bug volkswagon. I don’t remember bringing chairs or blankets; we just sat in the car and watched the movie.

  2. Beth Jackson

    LOVE Drive-Ins!! Growing up, we went to the Drive-In almost every Friday night. PJs, popcorn and soda. Kid movie first. Grown-up movie second….that’s where I first saw the movie “MASH”. Sad to learn the Cottage Grove Drive-In will soon be a Walmart…thanks for reminding us all of some really fun memories. :-).

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