Ruby Shoes

Adventure is good, home is best



Birch trees in the fall (oil, palette knife) 2013


Rooster (oil, palette knife) 2013

Three Dresses (oil on canvas) 2012

Dodge Nature Center (oil on gesso board), 2011

Abandoned grain silo (oil on canvas), 2010

Foggy morning, northern New Mexico (oil on gesso board), 2010

Stand of aspens (oil on gesso board), 2010

Cow! (oil on gesso board), 2010

Rowboats (oil on canvas) 2010

Before the Storm (oil on gesso board) 2011

12 thoughts on “Paintings

  1. Claire

    Anne, my fav is the foggy morning in NM! Have I seen that one? I think you’re a natural at landscapes! You’re doing great, and I can hardly wait to see your drawings…!

  2. Michelle Gibson

    Sam wanted to comment….”I think “The Cow” is AMAZING! Way to release your inner Van Gogh!”
    This was his first visit to myrubyshoes. He was throughly impressed that you have your very own website!!

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